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Personalised Services & Relocation Assistance

We are aware that on the day to day basis countless small incidents may arise that need resolving. We are here to help you  with any issue that affects your property, however large or small. 

Our personalised services include:

• Provision of fuel, oil, gas, wood etc

• Waste management,emptying septic tank etc

• Provision of technical services, telephones, satellite, internet and alarms.

• Provision of administrative services, legal, tax, translation, obtain NIE  etc.

We also provide a shopping service from your chosen supermarket to stock your home with your required groceries, placing all items in your fridge and your cupboards for your arrival.

We will be able to support you  in any home improvement projects you may have including:

  1. • Obtaining  of Architect plans.

  2. • Carry through Town hall permission for building

  3. • Provision of project managers and contractors to complete the projects.
+34 629 03 49 01